New website release

Updated theme, testing newer technologies, hopefully will use this site more often.

Sunlight tracker? Could help SAD!

Lot’s of people can be affected by this, but most don’t know about it. Usually around Winter, people get the blues, they are “sad”, but around summer, they seem fine. This may be related to how much Sun you get per day, and how much Vitamin D. You need sunlight to be able to produce

Project Tango: This will be huge

I was very excited to see the technology come to mobile phones so quickly. We can now map out rooms with ease, and get depth measurements. This can map the whole world eventually and at that point, we can use that data to interact with other devices. Robots will be able to operate with more

The YotaPhone, Now With Full Touch Rear E-Ink Panel

This is a newer product that came out this year. Many phone companies are trying new designs, and the back of the phone is no different, many other phones have tried to do something similar. But this is interesting with E-Ink, it should make battery drain minimal. It’s daring, but it’s look pretty cool, it